Son Salvaje is a Tampa, Fl based Latin band with an All-Star line up of musicians led by Nalisio Taveras. Be it Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bachata, Bolero, Latin Jazz, you name it, they PLAY it! The talented musicians in this band have played with and/or opened up for the likes of Eddie Palmieri, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Ismael Miranda, Justo Betancourt, Paquito Guzman, Lalo Rodriguez, Tito Gomez, Hector Tricorche, Roberto Blades, Frankie Negron, Kevin Ceballo, Charlie Cruz, Anthony Cruz, Ray De La Paz, Paquito D'Rivera, Branford Marsalis, Claudio Roditi, and Arturo Sandoval (to name a few) and the incredibly seasoned compositional skills commanded by many members in this band makes it possible for this unit to arrange and play literally ANY song under the sun (a feat that VERY FEW bands can boast).

At full capacity, Son Salvaje is comprised of an impressive 13pc. ensemble featuring a robust rhythm section (guitar, piano, bass, timbales, congas, bongo), a dynamic horn section (complete with trumpets, trombones, and sax) and an experienced team of singers. The size of the band, however, can and has been altered to as few as 6 musicians (to better accommodate the needs of clients or venues). With unbelievable sound, style, and musicianship AND with some of the most competitive rates in town, this band CAN’T be beat! To book Son Salvaje a for your upcoming event, contact Nalisio (the Music Director) - CELL: (813) 446-1361 or email:

The Journey

We all dream…we all want to be happy…we all want to live the “good life” (though our definitions of what EXACTLY this means, may vary)…The fact is: we all WANT…
But how many of us are actually willing to GIVE what it takes to make our WANTS come to fruition? How many of us are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and risk it all, in the name of our dreams?

I once laughed at a dream of mine - the very notion of having this band (Son Salvaje) become a reality - and…for a long period of time, I cast this dream aside. I knew that going for this particular dream of mine would require a tremendous leap of faith on my part…and, I was afraid of falling. I was afraid of trying; I was afraid of failing; I was afraid of having people laugh at my botched attempts at accomplishing something that many told me I wouldn’t be able to do in the first place. The way I saw it, it was far easier to stay in my comfort zone and never try, than to bet it all and risk the embarrassment of defeat.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed with an amazing army of friends and family who have believed in me when I had trouble believing and who have FOUGHT for me, when I lacked the strength and courage to do so myself. Through their love, through their guidance, through their patience, I’ve transformed from frail child, too afraid to fight for his dreams, into fearless soldier, that won’t STOP fighting for his dreams…For this, I am eternally grateful.

…It’s strange how things start falling into place when we start believing…The band that stands before you is proof of this phenomenon. I acknowledge that, as a collective unit, we have a GREAT deal to learn but I can assure you that, what you have before you is NO ORDINARY band…this is an assembly of Latin All-Stars…a representation of some of THE best “musical assasins” I’ve encountered in my journey thus far. With their support, and that of my family and friends, I’m here to deliver a message to all that will listen: “even our WILDEST dreams can become a reality…if we attack them with “Brute Force”.

Nalisio Taveras
Music Director of Son Salvaje